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Winter Forecast 2017-18

Skiers, ice sculptors, and masochists rejoice, this winter is supposed to be particularly savage! Frigid winter weather is expected to hit the Northeast and mid-Atlantic this year, according to AccuWeather. Temps in the Northern Plains are anticipated to drop to minus 30 °F. The exceptions from winter’s especially icy grasp are the southern Plains, Southwest, and California, which can anticipate a milder and drier winter than last year.

Unusually cold temps in both the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will also result in an unusually snowy winter. Early predictions indicate that New York City and Boston may both receive six more inches of snow than usual.

While temps may run a little warmer than usual across the Southeast, especially in Florida and Georgia, frequent tornado activity is expected in February from Texas to Georgia. 137 tornadoes slammed that region last year in January alone.

The northern Plains will freeze under arctic blasts, with temperatures routinely dropping below zero. Temperatures could sink as low as minus 30 °F in the Dakotas. But the unusually cold weather could lessen snowfall in that region.

Temps will swing back and forth in the southern Plains, with the middle of winter bringing the coldest weather.

Thanks to a weak La Niña, the Northwest and Rockies should receive above average levels of snow. The Bitterroot chain stretching down to the Wasatch region in the central and northern Rockies, as well as the Cascades, should be covered in extra powder this winter.

So unless you live in the very southern most regions of the country, it’s almost time to start thinking about dusting off your skis, snowshoes, ice skates, trekking poles, and of course Yaktrax!