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Nor' easters!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the FLOW! After a January and February with bare ground in the Northeast and the resulting frayed emotional state of the region’s skiers and snowboarders, patience has paid off. Back-to-back Nor’easters have saved the season for the area’s ski resorts and backcountry powder hunters, and have no doubt inundated local human resources departments with a preponderance of sick days.

They’re also no doubt generating plenty of frowns among New Englanders who were well and ready for spring. In fact, hundreds of backs are at risk for needing chiropractic care following this next round of driveway shoveling, which will no doubt be attacked more impatiently than it would have been in December. Dogs will be hard to find when it’s time for a walk, having crawled under blankets and pillows in order to avoid another round of freezing snow collecting in their toe pads.

Nonetheless, with a few key pieces of survival gear, this will all pass gracefully, and you will reach the other side of these incessant snows and the green spring beyond healthy and with your attitude intact.

Yaktrax Pro

Now that we’ve already had a taste of spring, the ground has thawed in most of New England, and is taking on the new snow as if it were the perfect surface for a slip ‘n slide. Sidewalk shoveling, dog walks, and morning runs are all at risk of ending in sprains and bruises, as even the burliest boots are little more than ice skates in this slippery snow-ground dynamic.

The Yaktrax Pro stands ready to ensure March blizzard domination instead. With a spikeless, lightweight design, and 360° of traction with a patented skid lock coil system, sidewalks splits are a thing of the past. No dog walk is secure without them.

Travel Dry Dx

While we may have looked at our snow boots admiringly last December, when the first snows of winter were romantically anticipated, the sight of them now provokes a reaction of disgust. Sullied with road salt, the waterproofing worn down, our winter boots are at their lowest this month. We sulk our way to the mudroom to don them for yet another early morning digging out from the previous day’s snows, and curse with balled fists at the weather gods when we find them still damp and cold from the day before.

Do your feet and your attitude a favor by investing in the Travel Dry DX boot dryers and find that scowl melting away as your feet enter those boots warm and dry. Compact and able to work from a standard car charger, these DryGuy warmers can even be brought along to toast up your boots on the way to the office or the mountain.

BackSaver Shovel

Unless you’re some sort of masochist, no one really likes to shovel this much… especially late in the season when the snow is wetter and heavier than the lighter, fluffier stuff that falls mid-winter. So do yourself - and your back - a favor and get an ergonomic shovel that will take any unnecessary pressure off your lower back. You can save the money that would have gone to a chiropractor and put it towards a tropical vacation where the only ice you’ll see will be floating in your Margarita.

Netflix and Chill (The literal and family friendly way)

If staying cozy inside is more your cup of tea, queue up the Netflix. Planet Earth II is officially out and full of awe-inspiring deserts, jungles (both natural and urban), islands and mountains that will transport you somewhere far, far away from the reality that is the Northeast. The new series also received a solid five stars from Rotten Tomatoes so you won't feel guilty about binging on all six episodes. Grab your whiskey, your fuzziest blanket and enjoy the show.

Wyoming Whiskey

If all else fails, Wyoming Whiskey’s Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey is there to make sure this Nor’easter is nothing but a forgotten memory buried under a smooth sense of euphoria with an intense yet butter-smooth nose with notes of vanilla, Turbinot sugar, and orange blossom honey. The wait for an elusive spring requires apprehending the most elusive of WW’s bourbons, and their Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey is distilled right in Wyoming – a state where surviving ridiculously long winters is part of the core curriculum.


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