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Why I bought Yaktrax for my mom

While the ski slopes might seem to offer the greatest opportunity for wintertime thrills – as well as injury – it’s instead the nation’s sidewalks that are often the most treacherous venue from December through March. Through the morass of snow, salt, sand, and ice, our feet are asked to gain purchase on surfaces we’d more likely expect to find on a mountaineering trek instead of on a dog walk. So why do we often feel comfortable considering crampons and ice axes for the former but feel tackling the latter in street shoes is a good idea?

With rotten surfaces underfoot just when we’re least likely to expect them, the risk of injury, especially for older adults, is real and severe.  “If you are over the age of 80 and you fall and break your hip, there is only a 50 percent chance that you will be able to return home, ever,” says Frederick Frost, MD, Department Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic. And while most folks might be worried about their elderly parents slipping and falling in their homes, outside presents an even more serious chance of injury. Earlier this winter in Maine, our traditional January thaw turned our abundant snow into vast puddles, which then froze over completely into smooth ice rinks that covered every walkable surface around. It was hell for even healthy adults, and must have been a nightmare for elderly folks just trying to retrieve the mail.

Even this late into the winter, the constant melting and refreezing of surfaces with snow and water on them can mean there are serious hazards just getting to the car or while walking the dog. Even the most aggressively soled winter boots are helpless when the snow is that solid and slick.

With a spikeless, ultra lightweight design and 360° of skid-free traction on stainless steel coils, Yaktrax WALK are the simplest and most affordable way to nip potential mailbox check or dog walk falls in the bud. Stretched over boots, a pair of sneakers, or even dress shoes, a pair of Yaktrax lend instant, unbreakable traction even when descending steep iced-over slopes. Quick and easy to put on and take off, their stretchable design means you can swap them between whatever shoes you’re taking to the snow and ice that day. And at prices so affordable the Sharper Image would scoff at them, investing in a pair of Yaktrax is a simple decision, and one that can help negate the serious physical and financial consequences of a wintertime fall for you and your loved ones. That’s why I bought a pair for my mom!