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Woman walking on the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail
Oregon Adventures: Steam Donkey Trail

This is the first post in a five post series by guest blogger Ethan James Rivera (Instagram: @ethanjamesrivera) on his Oregon adventures.

Oregon is jammed packed with snowcapped mountains, lush rainforest, coastal views and epic adventures waiting to be discovered. When planning a weeklong trip to the Pacific Northwest, one might get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of activities you can do there (guilty of this on numerous occasions). Rather than doing a more “traditional” vacation of getting a rental car and hotel, Victoria and I opted for a campervan. Having a home on wheels definitely allowed us to get the most out of this experience! In this post, we have 4 summer adventures to consider for your next trip to Oregon (along with some packing tips and bonus material)!

A huge thank you to Yaktrax and its sister companies, DryGuy and SofSole for collaborating on this trip with their ongoing dedication to enhancing healthy and active lifestyles!


Oregon Adventures: Steam Donkey Trail

Steam Donkey Trail
Location - Sunset Rest Area near Canon Beach
Distance - 0.9 miles
Elevation Gain - 131 ft
Route Type - Loop
Parking - Yes, available at the Sunset Rest Area
Description - A nice easy hike to stretch out the legs while enjoying the lush moss and ferns that inhabit much of the coastal side of Oregon. A figure eight design allows for you to walk an even shorter route than the original 0.9 miles.

We actually ran into this trail by a serendipitous accident. With an original goal of staying near Canon Beach, we found out that overnight parking was prohibited. Rather than taking the risk, we decided to drive towards the Sunset Rest Area (roughly 40 minutes east of Canon Beach). The morning after led us to the discovery of this hidden gem.

Woman walking on a bridge on the Steam Donkey Trail, Oregon.  

Along this hike, Victoria tested out the Sofsole - Athlete Insole providing a neutral arch contoured design that is suitable for all users. In addition, it’s equipped with lightweight cushioning and gel drops in the heel and forefoot which offers comfort and performance without the bulk for an easy morning warm up to the day.
 Woman on walking path on the Steam Donkey Trail, Oregon.

Features -
• Implus® foam provides comfort and cushioning
• Hydrologix™ moisture wicking technology helps keep feet dry
• Gel in the heel and forefoot absorbs the shock of each foot strike
• Ideal for wear during rigorous athletic activities
• Provides energy return and increased performance

Recommended uses - Short hike with a lower elevation gain and softer path rather than sharper, less forgiving trail.
Woman walking on trail the Steam Donkey Trail, Oregon.     

The next post will cover one of the biggest highlights of Ethan's trip in Oregon. Stay tuned to see what trail that may be!