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Oregon Adventures: Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail

This is the second post in a five post series by guest blogger Ethan James Rivera (Instagram: @ethanjamesrivera) on his Oregon adventures. See the first part of Ethan's adventure here.

Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail 

Location - Ecola State Park near Canon Beach
Distance - 12.2 miles
Elevation Gain - 3,005 ft
Route Type - Out & Back
Parking - Yes, Indian Beach Parking area
Description - The wide, graveled trail starts on the right-hand side of the Indian Beach parking turnaround. After 100 yards keep left at a fork and climb, steeply at times, through old-growth spruce and alder woods. After 1.6 miles you'll reach an X-shaped trail crossing beside three open-sided shelters and a primitive camping area for backpackers. The shelters and tent sites are available for free on a first-come, first-served basis, but there is no drinking water nearby.

Victoria and I both agreed that this was, hands down, one of the biggest highlights to our entire trip. We had never seen so many lush layers of green with a landscape changing right before our eyes. From sun and mist to fog and rain, the combination of a changing landscape with how untamed everything felt lead to a pretty wild experience. Unfortunately, due to timing and wanting to catch sunset, we weren’t able to do the entire 12.2 miles, but within the 4.5 hours period that we were on the trail, we caught some magic.

 Person on the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail in Oregon 

Because of the amount of moisture constantly passing through the coast, we decided to test out the Sofsole - Ultra Protect Waterproofing Treatment Spray for Shoes, Hats, Backpacks and Apparel that provides armor-like protection from water and dirt. A rainforest seems to be the perfect place to test out a product like this, right?

• Ideal for shoes, hats, and apparel
• Elite waterproofing technology provides armor-like protection
• Helps prevent stains from water or dirt
• Shields fabric from UV damage, including fading
• Effective within minutes and a single treatment lasts up to 12 months

• Found all of my camera gear to be nice and dry within a 4.5 hour period!
• Does well under light rain and mist conditions, TBD during more intense rain fall or even snow.
• Glossy coating appears to make it look wet, but it’s the result of the spray (wears off over time and did not stain).
• Has an alcohol base smell to it, be mindful not to get near eyes or mouth and apply in an open area.
 Person walking the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail in Oregon


Person walking on the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail


The next Trail will feature breathtaking views, stay tuned to see where that may be!