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Photo near the Discovery Point Trail in Oregon
Oregon Adventures: Discovery Point Trail

This is the third post in a five post series by guest blogger Ethan James Rivera (Instagram: @ethanjamesrivera) on his Oregon adventures. See more information about his earlier adventures on the Steam Donkey Trail and the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail.

Discovery Point Trail
Location - Crater Lake National Park
Distance - 4.0 miles
Elevation Gain - 915 feet
Route Type - Out & Back
Parking - Yes, after paying entrance fee to get into the park
Description - Hiking along the southwestern rim of Crater Lake, we were welcomed with constant jaw dropping views. Witnessing the clouds pouring into the lake lead to some dramatic lighting and depth that’s hard to put into words considering the polar opposite landscape with lush, green rainforest we passed through just a couple days prior. Check out some of the highlights below!

Because of the terrain along this hike, we decided to test the Sofe Sole FIT Series High Arch Insole that’s a part of the FIT series with specific arch heights and tuned high‑rebound foam. This combination allows the insoles to work in conjunction with any foot type. In my case it helped promote the natural biomechanics of my unique stride.

• 55 Durometer foam in heel/arch, 40 Durometer foam in forefoot
• 3.3 cm arch height, ideal for high arch types
• Anatomical nylon plate for ideal stability
• Moisture wicking technology to keep feet dry
• Air capsules in heel convert impact into kinetic energy

• Great for shorter, intermediary hikes.
• The hard-shell on the bottom of the insole allows for better stability on unstable or even rocky terrain.
• Not ideal for hikers in need of more cushioning as the foams design is intended to promote kinetic energy.
• Personally, I can’t wait to use these insoles again, but maybe not for a fourteener.


Join us next week for the last stop in Ethan's Oregon Adventure. Stay tuned to see which trail that may be!