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Woman hiking on Oregon Trail
Oregon Adventures: Riverside Trail #723

This is the fourth post in a five post series by guest blogger Ethan James Rivera (Instagram: @ethanjamesrivera) on his Oregon adventures. See more information about his earlier adventures on the Steam Donkey Trail, the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail, and Discovery Point Trail.

Riverside Trail #723
Location - Mount Hood National Forest
Distance - 7.0 miles
Elevation Gain - 600 Feet
Route Type - Out & Back
Parking - Yes, but slightly tricky as there’s two campsites there and reserved. Be mindful of signage.
Description - Wrapping up our week-long trip, one of our last adventures was in Mount Hood National Forest along the Clackamas River. With camping season in this part of Oregon starting strong, you can witness groups of people white water rafting, fishing, camping, hiking and exploring this 7 mile span. Since we just left Crater Lake a couple days prior, there was around a 20+ degrees temperature change…time for shorts. Check out some of the highlights below!


Along this hike, Victoria tested out The Sof Sole® Airr® Orthotic Insole. Shock absorption is covered with an encapsulated air chamber in the heel and polymer gel in the forefoot. Combined with a reinforced stability plate in the arch and heel, the Airr Orthotic enhances motion control and support making it ideal for hikers with low to neutral arch types.

• COOLMAX ® fabric top cover wicks away moisture
• SKYDEX ® air capsules in heel and arch convert impact into kinetic energy
• Nylon plate reinforces foot alignment
• Gel forefoot enhances shock absorption
• Provides enhanced stability and support

• Provides support and stability for moderate hikes, wet terrain, and minimal technical skill levels.
• Provides more comfort due to gel forefoot.
• Although recommended for low to neutral arch types, still poses a small arch that can interfere with more severe cases of neutral arch types.



In the upcoming last post of this guest series, Ethan will share some Packing and Bonus Tips from his Oregon adventures. Check back to see what they may be.