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Photo of Discovery Point Trail at Crater Lake Nation Park, Oregon
Oregon Adventures: Packing Tips

This is the final in a five post series by guest blogger Ethan James Rivera (Instagram: @ethanjamesrivera) on his Oregon adventures. Visit the below links to see all of the different locations he visited during his week in Oregon:

Steam Donkey Trail
Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail
Discovery Point Trail
Riverside Trail #723


Lets’ face it, Oregon hiking and backpacking can be all over the place throughout the month of June depending on where you want to focus your time. On one part of the state you may need swim trunks and sunscreen and on the another area you may need to be prepared for rain and sub-optimal conditions. Be ready for temperatures ranging from high 40’s to mid 80’s F (7° to 30° C) in the summer months. Here are some items that are recommended: 
• Rain jacket and pants
• Sturdy waterproof hiking boots (Learned from this trip)
• Warm layers (insulated jacket and fleece) – avoid cotton
• Quick dry hiking pants/shorts (avoid shorts on brushy hikes)
• Quick dry long sleeve hiking top (to protect from sun, bugs and brush)
• Sun hat + warm hat/beanie • Gloves (a waterproof cover/layer would also be optimal)
• Swim trunks + watersheds (if you plan on going into any rivers)
• Wool or synthetic hiking socks • Backpack large enough for your gear, with rain cover (or a dry sack inside)
• Map, compass or GPS device for when you lose that phone signal ; )
• Emergency gear, such as small first aid kit, knife and a signaling device such as a whistle
• Camera/phone with waterproof case or dry bag
• Snacks (granola bars and fruit that can be easily packed like an apple rather than grapes)
• Insect repellent
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses

Since we were living in an campervan for a week, things can get progressively dirty, wet, and smelly. Because of that we found ourselves testing out some products that are not essentials per sei, but rather enhances that active lifestyle so that you can do more with less to worry about. Here’s some items to consider:
When exploring the state of Oregon, you’re bound to get your shoes soaked between the dense rainforest, coastlines and snowcapped mountains. Wet shoes obviously suck, but without proper time to allow them to dry (let’s say because you’re on a RV trip with multiple adventures likes us) you can run into smelly situation or even worse, you become more susceptible to friction and blisters. Because of this we put the Travel Dry DX mobile drying system to the test on our weeklong trip across Oregon.

Dry Guy Travel Dry DX

• Whisper Quiet Fan for Efficient Drying
• Perfect for Drying and Warming
• Automotive or Home Drying
• Compact, Portable Packs Easily in Boots
• Will Not Damage Footwear, Boot Liners, or Foot Beds
• Reduces Unpleasant Odors
• Power - 120V AC Household Outlet or 12V DC Vehicle
• Dry Time - 2-7 hours depending on shoes used and amount of wetness

• Didn’t have the wet shoe smell.
• Didn’t disturb us when we went to bed during overnight drying.
• Convenient to have DC vehicle outlet with a household outlet adapter.
• Do not use with hats or gloves as it needs some space to allow airflow and prevent overheating.

Dry Guy Travel Dry DX Dry Guy Travel Dry DX in hiking boots

Dry Guy Travel Dry DX in hiking shoes Dry Guy Travel Dry DX in hand

After living in an campervan for a week there was numerous time that we ran into pretty heavy mud trails, especially along the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail (see above). The Sofsole - Instant Cleaner definitely aided with keeping out home on wheels controlled after a day full of adventure on our feet
• Helps athletic shoes look new again
• Removes tough dirt and stains
• Scrub cap distributes cleaner and lift stains
• Easy to quickly and thoroughly apply

Prior to using this product, I would go through the steps of clapping my shoes together to remove any dirt, let it dry for a few hours and then do it one more time, because let’s face it…they’re hiking boots for the outdoors which are bound to get dirty. The foam like texture of the Instant Cleaner spray definitely helps break up denser areas which is a sweet perk. In addition to that if you happen to be flying back home after your trip it’s nice to have clean hiking boots to prevent dirt from getting everywhere in your suitcase.

Sof Sole Instant Cleaner  Boots after having used the Sof Sole Instant Cleaner

Sof Sole Fresh Fogger Throughout our entire trip there was always something developing an odor. If it wasn’t our dirty clothes, it was our wet shoes or ever-growing garbage bag.

• Destroys odors in shoes, athletic gear, gym bags, and more
• Formula is fast-acting to quickly refresh small spaces
• Leaves behind a long lasting, fresh scent
• Won't leave a film or discolor items
• Safe to use on mesh, leather, canvas, suede, and more

Other than having a slight alcohol aroma to it initially, once the spray settles, it absolutely works! It is nice and compact; easy to use while traveling and living out of an RV or wherever you store dirty clothes or want something to smell better.

Thank you again to Ethan Rivera for sharing the beautiful photos, tips and tricks for his Oregon Adventures. If you'd like to keep up with more of his adventures check out his Instagram @ethanjamesrivera or website.