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Father and Son Walking on a Trail
Father's Day Gift and Activity Guide

Dads do so much for their families all year, and while they deserve much more than one day to be appreciated, it doesn’t hurt to show them your love with gifts, cards, quality time, a nice meal and maybe a drink or two this Father’s Day. To give you some inspiration, check out our roundup of Father’s Day gift ideas for 2019 - and accompanying activities to get out and spend the day together.

  • Go Fishing - STREAMTrekkers 
    For fishing enthusiasts, STREAMtrekkers are the perfect gift, helping to keep you from falling when fishing in fast-moving rivers and streams. The patented Diamond Bead design has hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions for sure traction on rock, moss and slime. STREAMtrekkers can be worn over rubber and felt-soled fishing shoes, as well as wading boots and the simple-to-use design can be easily cleaned.
  • Take A Hike - DryGuy Force Dry
    For adventurous dads who have traversed a sizeable stream on their last like, been hit with a sudden torrential downpour, or worked up a healthy sweat playing sports, the Force Dry Shoe and Glove Dryer safely eliminates unwanted wetness from your footwear in about an hour; restoring comfort and increasing the longevity of your gear. Trapped moisture can linger in your footwear for days and cause major discomfort on your next adventure, so give dad the gift of comfort this summer with the Force Dry dryer.
  • Run Together - Balega Blister Resist
    Balega’s Blister Resist socks are perfect for dads on the run! These socks are made from a blend of natural Mohair fiber and Drynamix® to give you the ultimate protection against shear friction blisters. Mohair keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Check out the full line up of Balega socks here.
  • Relax At Home - TriggerPoint GRID® Foam Roller
    Every dad needs to unwind after a busy work day. The GRID® Foam Roller, the original hollow core roller, features a patented multi-density foam surface that delivers firm compression like a sports massage while channeling blood and oxygen needed to repair muscles. The GRID® Foam Roller is the 'go-to' roller to release muscle pain and tightness, improve mobility, increase circulation and is recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. You can also finish off your foam rolling with Yaktrax adhesive body warmers for sore muscles.

And if you’ve got a dad that’s all about winter and is already looking forward to snow, consider stocking him up on winter traction devices like the Yaktrax Pro.