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Meet the YakPak

Meet the YakPak

Cathy Anderson


Morganton, NC


Favorite winter activity: Ice caving

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I had a fabulous time the first go-around and would love to join again!

Fun fact: I am terrified of fish!


Cristi Calderon


Vancouver, WA


Favorite winter activity: Running and exploring

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I love running in the snow and hiking in it. Winter warrior.

Fun fact: I could eat tacos everyday and be happy. 😁


Justin Carfagnini


Saint Paul, MN


Favorite winter activity: Ice fishing and hiking

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: Because Yaktrax products help me enjoy the winters here in Minnesota more.

Fun fact: Completed Improv and Comedy writing programs at the famed Second City in Chicago.


Amy Glass


Harrisburg, PA


Favorite winter activity: Running and hiking

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I love your products. I use them every winter. They are the only way that I am able to get out on the trails, and on the roads in the winter when it is snowy and icy. I feel that your products are high-quality.

Fun fact: I was asked once if I was standing in a hole. I'm only 4'10" tall.


Rachel Harris


Denver, CO


Favorite winter activity: Hiking

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: Hiking in the winter with several dogs is no easy task and I use Yaktrax all winter long. Would love to help inspire people to get out during the winter and enjoy what it has to offer with their dogs.

Fun fact: I’m easy to spot on the trails cause I always hike with multiple dogs!


Jacob Helfrich


Reno, NV


Favorite winter activity: Hiking

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: I have a set of Yaktrax and swear by them. It would be nice to hear other peoples testimonies and possibly network with folks in my area, the northeastern Sierra. I like to listen and learn so this might be a great place to expand my knowledge base. Safety is always something that I'm interested in and the YakPak might have experienced people who can pass on good advice.

Fun fact: I love to play music!


Jen Kane


Groton, MA


Favorite winter activity: I train for the Boston Marathon over the winter so I heavily rely on my Yaktrax for these Boston winters. I also love to hike.

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: Yaktrax are my life saver getting through the Boston winter training months. I’m a distance runner and also love to hike so Yaktrax are part of my daily winter routine.

Fun fact: I’m a high school track coach. I love to run through the sprinklers after a summer run.


Drew Lambert


San Diego, CA


Favorite winter activity: Snowboarding and hiking

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: You've created a practical, affordable product that I believe deserves promotion!

Fun fact: I've surfed North of the Arctic Circle. It was pretty cool.


Noelle Lovoi


Spokane, WA


Favorite winter activity: Skiing and running

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: Living in Eastern Washington, I train all year long and Yaktrax are an essential piece of my training gear. I’ve been using them for 5 years and am a huge fan already!

Fun fact: Growing up I was nicknamed “bump on a log” because I never wanted to do anything and now I’m a marathon runner. Go figure!


Dominique Melanson

Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada


Favorite winter activity: Dashing through the snow! Either by running, snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I am interested in the YakPak because I consider the winter months to be the best times for training. With all different types of weather that winter throws at you, I can always count on my Yaktrax gear to keep me safe, confident and on my feet.

Fun fact: This year, I will be running my first half marathon (road) and first half marathon (trail)!


Daniel Morgan


Winston Salem, NC


Favorite winter activity: Hunting and river fishing

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: Your products are amazing and the first time I saw them I instantly fell in love with the concept and idea of being able to do what you love to do, whether that’s hiking, fishing, etc. and not have that fear of falling. But also, what y’all stand for and your goal to get people outside and experience the world around us. Life is short, but this world is beautiful and y’all have allowed people that opportunity who maybe couldn’t experience the outdoors possible now. And that’s what I’m all about at TD Outdoors. I want to share my experiences with people around the world, but I want them to go out and make their own memories as well!

Fun fact: Our adventures always have some sort of sketchy part in them. So we definitely are professionals at “winging it.”


Kathy Owen


Monument, CO


Favorite winter activity: Running and snowshoeing

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I'm an outdoors person and I use my Yaktrax and hand warmers a lot in the winter living in Colorado. I LOVE your products and they get me where I want to go and keep me warm.

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with Snickers & I love to dance to 80’s music.


Christian Paul


Murray, UT


Favorite winter activity: Splitboarding

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: I use the gear I promote.

Fun fact: I am a professional Landscape and Astrophotographer.


Tara Rasmussen


Nottingham, MD


Favorite winter activity: Hiking, sledding, and jogging

Why she wanted to join the YakPak: I’ve been preaching the good news of Yaktrax for years - Id love to rep this brand/product!

Fun fact: My nickname is scrappy (feisty Irish-Italian East Coaster) and if I’m not in the water or the woods I’m at baseball games or concerts.


Ethan Rivera


Denver, CO


Favorite Winter Activity: Snow Shoeing around the Rockies

Fun Fact: I used to work for the Walt Disney company throughout my undergrad!

Rod Rodriguez


Plymouth, MN


Favorite winter activity: Hiking with my wife, daughter, and of course, our pups.

Why he wanted to join the YakPak: I truly like and use the product every winter. I moved up to Minnesota in 2016 and hated winter until I bought some Yaktrax. I wasn't a fan of slipping on ice and poor grip while hiking and walking my dogs. Yaktrax was a game changer for me. Now I strap on my trax and enjoy getting out and exploring the winter wonderland.

Fun fact: I've met my doppelganger and he was a pretty awesome dude.