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3 Winter Hikes for the Photography Enthusiast

As a travel, lifestyle, and adventure photographer, I always find myself exploring with camera in-hand. Standing up to winter is no joke for the outdoor enthusiast and some of the most rewarding hikes I’ve experienced this season challenged me both physically and mentally. Here are three of my favorite hikes from this past winter:

Silver Dollar Lake

Located near Georgetown, Colorado, this 3.9-mile hike is primarily accessible during the spring and summer months. My goal was to make it to the first lake since it’s still accessible during the winter months. I brought a pair of Yaktrax Pros to test out on this mini adventure. Not only did I make it to the first lake, but the descent was a breeze with the Yaktrax coil design giving me stability and support for all my photography gear. I may have not had the chance to make it to the top, but the trade-off for witnessing all the bighorn sheep made the trip well worth it.


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St. Mary Glacier

Located near Idaho Springs, Colorado, this 2-mile hike turns into a mini expedition climbing one of the closest glaciers to Denver. For this hike, I wanted to test out the Yaktrax Summit. Designed for rugged usage with the Boa Closure System, I was locked in and ready for my first climb up a glacier.

The Yaktrax Summit instantly gave me better traction, confidence and safety when trekking up St. Mary’s, both on ice and packed snow surfaces.

Pro Tip: Travel in switchbacks up the glacier to create your own trail helps prevent over exhaustion and conserve your energy.


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Rivera6 Rivera5

Chief Mountain

Located near Evergreen, Colorado, Chief Mountain is hands down one of my favorite hikes with the least amount of stress for the biggest reward on scenery. Only 3 miles total, this trail is found in the Arapaho National Forest (much like the two hikes prior). A good friend and I decided to venture around in the snow during spring break, and what better way to disconnect than by reconnecting with nature.


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What I love about exploring this gorgeous state are the moments you get to share with friends and family. This past winter may have been cold, but the memories created warmed the soul. As we slowly transition to spring, be sure to keep these hikes in your back pocket for next winter!

Stay adventurous, friends!

Ethan Rivera